How I explained Web designing to my Grandmother

How I explained Web designing to my Grandmother
Gurpreet Singh

Published on Sep 9, 2020

2 min read

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I would like to share a question which I often asked my grandmother, “What are you doing on this laptop?”. I am sure it is difficult for you also to explain what is web designing to your grandparents.

However, I found a way to explain the same by taking some real-life examples. Firstly, I was looking for something which I can relate to.

A construction site can be a perfect example, where core construction elements can play the role of different elements of programming.

html.png HTML (Bricks): The way we build our pages using HTML, the same way we build building structures by using bricks. is our foundation stone on which we build the whole structure of the page.

js.png JavaScript (Cement): Don’t forget bricks can’t build the structure alone we need another special element called Cement. With the help of cement, we can create meaningful structures. I can also add dynamic elements by using JavaScript like electricity boards, lights, etc.

css.png CSS (Paint): Since our main structure is ready now, we can now give it a good paint job. CSS plays a similar role in web designing, it provides colors to our web pages.

I am sure you can also explain programming to your loved ones, especially if they are not from a programming background.

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